The Campaign To Stop Killer Robots Global Meeting Agenda
Wednesday 24 March 2021

13:00 - 17:00 GMT

13:0013:05Opening welcomeJoin the plenary session
13:0513:10Opening performance by Ariel Sim Join the plenary session
13:1013:15Message from Costa Rica's Deputy Minister of Multilateral Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Christian Guillermet-Fernández)Join the plenary session
13:1513:25Coordination & transition - Join this session for an update on the state of the transition and new coordination arrangements for the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.Join the plenary session
13:2513:35Informal social time Join the breakout session
13:3513:45Health break
13:4513:55Vision & values - Learn more about our new vision & values statement in this session.Join the plenary session
13:5514:00Vision & values breakoutJoin the breakout session
14:0014:30Red line: Targeting people - Join our panel of experts to discuss this year’s focus on targeting people. The panel will discuss ethical/moral red lines, the treaty elements paper, human dignity, technological concerns around facial recognition and surveillance, and the racial implications of targeting people. Join the plenary session
14:3015:00Messaging against targeting people - Discussion groupsJoin the breakout session
15:0015:10Report back & ConclusionJoin the breakout session
15:1015:20Health break
15:2015:30Overall Strategy for the year - Get an overview of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots strategy for 2021 in this session. Join the plenary session
15:3015:40Ways of working in 2021 - Find out more about our ways of working in 2021, and how we can create momentum through digital diplomacy and funding opportunities.Join the plenary session
15:4016:20Advocacy planning - thematic groups - Join one of our three breakout groups brainstorm advocacy activities and ideas, audiences and key partners, priorities and goal setting, ways of working, and how to reach governments in COVID times. - Breakout group options: 1. Identity & Bias (Faith, Gender, Race, Ability) 2. Security & Risk (Military, Tech, Finance) 3. Youth Leadership Join the breakout session
16:2016:35Final Q&A/open floor - Have a burning question for the Campaign staff team? Ask it here!Join the breakout session
16:3516:40Closing remarksJoin the breakout session
16:4017:00Informal social timeJoin the breakout session
17:0017:00Meeting ends